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Beton Groups Health and Safety Management System

Beton Group maintains a fully certified and accredited Safety Management system to AS/NZS 4801:2001.

The Beton Group Health and Safety management system promotes health and safety management and awareness across the organisation from the proposal and design stage of all projects through to practical completion and handover to the client.

Workplace Health and Safety is of critical importance in the planning, organisation and undertaking of Beton Group operations. It is the policy of Beton Group to conduct its activities in such a way that the health, safety and well being of employees and sub-contractors is not in any way impaired or prejudiced as a result of working within or for the organisation.

To aid in the implementation of this Policy, Beton Group will:

- Comply with all relevant statutory duties, regulations and codes of practices, making adequate provision of resources to meet these requirements;
- Provide information, instruction and training for employees to increase personal understanding of workplace hazards and to ensure proper supervision;
- Involve employees and sub-contractors on health and safety matters, and consult with them in ways to reduce workplace hazards and improve control systems;
- Provide support, assistance and resources to ensure an integrated rehabilitation program is provided for all employees who sustain injury or illness;
-Set short and long-term objectives in health and safety management as part of an ongoing action plan and regularly review our performance and the performance of our managers and company personnel, against the objectives of this policy.


Safety Objectives

Beton Group recognises that Health and Safety is both an individual and shared responsibility of all employees, sub-contractors and other persons involved with the operation of the organisation. In this regard, we emphasise the need to follow and adhere to safe work practices at all times, to ensure that no person is exposed to a health and safety risk for themselves or any other person, and to develop an ever improving safety culture within the company. Beton Group recognises that there is no task that is so important or so urgent that it releases the company, its managers, employee’s or sub-contractors from the responsibility to ensure a healthy and safe work environment.

We recognise that embracing a supportive safety culture is fundamental to improving sustained health and safety performance.

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