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If you need to move concrete from A to B then a mobile pump is the answer.

We have an extensive range of small to large mobile Boom Pumps and high and low pressure line pumps capable of shotcrete.

There are many elements of the services Beton Concrete Pumping provides. We specialise in pumping difficult jobs. We take pride in finding custom solutions for every job by inspecting jobsites prior to pours and planning ahead to ensure that special needs are met successfully.

With expert knowledge of the industry, we are able to devise innovative placement techniques for tough jobs, which is a part of the service we provide every day. We have high pressure pumps that are designed to handle harsh mixes and long lines, which allows us to pump any type of job from residential, civil, bridges, tunnels, multi level buildings and large scale mining energy and resource sector projects.


Our Mobile Fleet Range

• Mobile Boom Concrete Pumps 31M to 55M

With State of the art Multi Boom Z fold coupled with latest technology carbon fibre sections and electronic one sided stability control means safety is our number one priority

• Mobile Line Pumps (Low and High Pressure)