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Beton Groups Environmental Management System

Beton Group maintains a fully certifed and accredited Safety Management sytem to AS/NZS 4801:2001.

Beton Pumping Group is committed to a future in which all Australians are living sustainably within their natural and built environments. Beton Pumping Group will focus on sustainability as a key driver in its own activities. We are committed to improving the environmental performance of our business activities, and to be leaders in best practice environmental management of these.
This forms a key component of our commitment to demonstrate good environmental practice in our own operations. To do this we will establish appropriate procedures and practices to minimise the consumption of energy, water, paper and other material inputs, and minimise the generation of waste, associated with our business activities.

Download our Environmental Certification (385kb)

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Environmental Objectives

These will include:

- Reducing the energy, water and paper intensity of our operations
- moving towards utilising Green Power
- reducing the amount of waste we produce, and maximising the amount reused and recycled
- separating our office and warehouse wastes into reusable, recyclable, compost and true waste components
- reducing greenhouse gas emissions associated with our passenger vehicle fleet
- ensuring that all new capital works programs incorporate comprehensive environmental sustainability principles
- making environmentally-sound purchasing decisions for capital items and consumables
- adopting a pollution prevention approach to our activities
- working to an environmental management system based on AS/NZS ISO 14001
- communicating our environmental performance through regular reporting
- striving for continual improvement in our environmental performance
- Recognising that all Beton Pumping Group staff have a responsibility to assist the business to meet these commitments, empowering staff to minimise our environmental impacts through generating staff awareness, and encouraging participation and feedback.

Beton Pumping Group will comply with all relevant Government environmental management policy, practices, regulations and legislation.