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About Beton Pumping

For all of your Concrete Pumping needs in Melbourne & Brisbane.

Beton Pumping Group took over the business from Improved Concrete Pumping Services Melbourne Pty. Ltd. (ICPS), in November, 2014.

ICPS being a well established and recognized name in the industry since 2000.

Now under the ownership of Managing Director, Hasan Genc, you’ll find the same exceptionally well-trained and professional team, with additional improved and structured management systems, and an even better quality of service than ever before.

The best in technology

Servicing some of the largest Construction Industry companies in Australia, Beton Pumping has a dedicated and disciplined history of capital investment and professional staff development training.

Having accessed the best US-based technical advisers, and cutting-edge innovation and technology. Beton also has AS/NZS 4801 Safety Certification, Environmental Certification, and Quality Certification.

The right approach

Each job may require a different approach, and your team, at Beton, with over thirty years of experience in handling different and complex situations, will demonstrate professional proficiency in handling equipment and in maintaining documents to Australian standards.

Committed to service excellence

With a fleet of over twenty pumps, maintained by our own team of qualified mechanics, your high-rise and mobile placement boom requirements will be well taken care of. We’re also very proud of our full back-up service in case of an unexpected breakdown. We’ll issue a new vehicle, with minimal or no delay, and within the hour, to ensure your job doesn’t stop! And we’ll supply up to four professional staff representatives on-site. All staff are readily identifiable in our company uniforms, and adhere to our strict code of conduct, ethics and professionalism, at all times.

An Open Book Approach

Consistent with the objectives of our major clients, Beton has developed a pertinent Risk Management Strategy to ensure safety, productivity and value-added service, and that our product costing measures are provided to you, at full economic benefit.

Transparency and accountability are as important to us as they are to you.

Prior to the commencement of any delivery of service to you, by Beton Pumping, you’ll receive a carefully calculated, comprehensive risk register report outlining all commercial, safety, environmental and completion factors. This report is issued to you by Beton, to be used as the basis for calculating the financial cost of risk introduced to your job site, and also specifies the risks posed that may potentially affect us (as your Concrete Pumping service provider). Various operating conditions are noted, and this calculation and fullspectrum of risk document then enables both parties to implement corrective measures and monitoring devices, for the distinctive and important purpose of identifying, managing and/or mitigating any perceived risk factors. This pre-emptive commercial strategy forms a strong basis of trust, knowledge, and security to improve your overall returns, with the full disclosure and open communication that we deliver to every one of our valued clients.